Below you will find a collection of links to resources for students interested in studying French @ La Trobe or even just interested in France and learning French. Click on a heading to open the section and then click on the link to go to the resource.

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Le Journal en Français Facile, RFI
A daily program on world events in simple French. Excellent for improving your French, once you have a basic grasp, because of the transcripts provided and the clear pronunciation.


France Info is a public French channel that gives the news 24/7. Have a look at the 20h program for some of their best programming. Also available through the SBS.
An international channel focusing on news around the world. 

The News In Text

Le Monde
Le Figaro
These are the three most popular newspapers in France. Some content may not be available without a subscription.

Le Parisien
Le Point
Le Nouvel Observateur

Culture Online


Cahiers du Cinema
An online publication on cinema.


Le Magazine Littéraire
La Société des Amis d’Alexandre Dumas
A la lettre: le site littéraire
Centre Flaubert


Auracan (toute l’actualité BD sur let Net)
Avant-Première (le magazine BD gratuit en ligne)

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